What is the idea behind sharevox.net?

The idea is to facilitate editing and publishing content on the Internet. Sharevox.net is a universal platform that allows anyone, easily and anonymously, to write an article or a page, to incorporate photos and other content, store and publish it on the Internet.

Sharevox also allows the user to choose the life span of the publications (48 hours, one week, one month, three months, one year, three years or a specific date ...). This is an ecological approach that also gives the user control of his digital "history".

What is sharevox.net?

With Sharevox.net you can create, store and publish rich content (a page, an article, a publication, a procedure, ...) in an extremely simple way on the Internet, without having to create an account. Sharevox has a rich text editor that allows you to write your content in WYSIWYG mode (https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/What_you_see_is_what_you_get). Once you have written your article, a URL link (Internet address) aimed at your page is created and you can share it as you wish (copy and paste, send it by e-mail or publish it on social networks). You are given another URL link so that you can administer your page and change or delete the content at any time. A particularly important feature: you choose the life span of your page or article (48 hours to 3 years). Your page will be automatically deleted after the given period. You are an eco-citizen on the web and you preserve the resources of the Internet: this is the end of waste resulting from indefinite data storage.

In a nutshell:

How does sharevox.net work?

sharevox.net operates in a very simple way:

Where does the name sharevox come from?

sharevox literally means "to share a voice", a kind of digital "vox populi". A free and easy way for everyone to express themselves on the internet. The way in which you express yourself can take many forms: a simple text, photos, videos, publications, flyers...

Who is sharevox for?

sharevox.net is for anyone wishing to publish content on the internet. It is not necessary to have software development or website creation skills. harevox.net is ideal for journalists, bloggers wanting to get away from editorial constraints, poets, writers, designers, anyone who wants to publish a page without any effort (no need to create an account, or configure any tools or platforms), companies wishing to communicate in a very simple way...

What can shavervox.net be used for?

Here are some of the things you can do with sharevox.net, but the list is by no means restrictive and there are certainly many other ways of using sharevox.net still to be discovered.

And you’ll soon be able to:

What type of content can you edit on sharevox.net?

The content produced is HTML5. In terms of content integrated into a page, sharevox.net accepts images (jpg, gif, png), all external links without limitation, videos hosted externally and 3 media plug-ins are also available:

For now, the videos cannot be directly integrated, but this feature is expected shortly. PDF files will be integrated shortly.

Why do I have to choose the lifespan of my page?

sharevox.net is a platform for creating ephemeral content with a lifespan of between 48 hours and 3 years (you choose). 2 reasons for this:

How can I share my page / my article?

Several features allow a user to share his newly created content:

A module called "social" enables you to set the elements of your publication towards these social networks. This module enables you to edit the title, the description and the images that will be integrated into the publication.

Where is user data stored?

This site is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. It is geographically located at Microsoft’s Western European hosting centre in the Netherlands. For more information, please visit http://www.windowsazure.com/fr-fr/support/trust-center/privacy/

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For those who cannot afford to waste time:

sharevox.net is a tool for editing and online sharing. It creates articles or any other content (publishing, photo albums, technical procedures, legal texts, training materials, etc ...) in a simple and ergonomic way without requiring any prior infrastructure (web server, blog, ...).

The main features of sharevox.net are:

Sharevox is free and does not require the creation of an account.